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About this course

Open edX Advanced Demo Course

Are you curious about Open edX or new to the platform? This course will show you the advance components that make it up.

About This Course

This course is an exclusive feature of eduNEXT.

We have created a course to recreate the best-possible student experience in the LMS platform by developing unique and amazing features that course creators can replicate in their own courses. In this course, you will find lots of features that you might find vital for your courses. Do you need a custom component to lock units until students fulfill a prerequisite?; do you need a problem that can hide the correctness every time the student clicks on submit?; do you need a special button that is capable of sending all the answers at once?; or perhaps you need a component to do webinars and online conferences?.

You are in the right place!. The course contents demo will provide you with dozens of examples to use in your own course.

We positively encourage you to enroll in the course and explore the multiple options we have to help you build the best course.


Course Staff

Johannes Kepler

The persons who contributed their knowledge to create this course were:

Vera Rubin

(July 23, 1928 – December 25, 2016) An American astronomer who pioneered work on galaxy rotation rates. By studying galactic rotation curves, she uncovered the discrepancy between galaxies' predicted and observed angular motion. Her work provided evidence for the existence of dark matter. These results were later confirmed over subsequent decades.

Sir Isaac Newton

Henrietta Swan Leavitt

(July 4, 1868 – December 12, 1921) An American astronomer. Her discovery of how to effectively measure vast distances to remote galaxies led to a shift in the understanding of the nature of the universe. A graduate of Radcliffe College, she worked at the Harvard College Observatory as a human computer, tasked with measuring photographic plates to catalog the positions and brightness of stars. This work led her to discover the relation between the luminosity and the period of Cepheid variables. Leavitt's discovery gave astronomers the first standard candle to measure the distance to other galaxies.

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